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Equipment and services Name
High Performance Environmental-Friendly Mine-Used Concentrated Liquid
Analytical Instrument for Coal Quality
SSM series train moving synchronous tracking sampling system (facility)
SSR series static logistic (car, train) sampling system (facility)
Mechanical Sampling Device for Coal and Iron ore
Coal Sampling and Preparation System and Equipment
Inspection and Examination Equipments for Coal Quality
Test-Bed for Roof Bolter
Test-Bed for Waterproof Supporting Roller
Test-Bed for Supporting Roller Axial Load
Test-Bed for Supporting Roller Revolving Resistance
Inspection and Examination of Supporting Roller and Roof Bolter
National First and Second Grade Standard Material ? Reflectivity Microscope Photometer Standard Material
Test Equipments for Inspection and Examination of Hydraulic Support
Coal Water Slurry Viscosimeter
Laser Fineness Gage
Measuring Apparatus in Detection of CRI and CSR
Test Coke Boiler
Inspection and Examination Equipments for Coal Chemical, Clean Coal, and etc

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