Typical Project
Taixi Coal Preparation Plant
Client£ºShenhua Ningxia Coal Group
Designed capacity£º5.0 Mtpa
- ultralow ash coal separation accuracy E¡Ü0.015g/cm³
 - Production of Anthracite with ash content ¡Ü3.00%
Wobei Coal Preparation Plant
Client£ºHuaibei Mining Group
Designed capacity£º15.0 Mtpa
Flotation separation after thickening
 - Flexible coal preparation schemes
 - Applicable to both steam coal and coking coal
Xinjing Coal Preparation Plant
Client£ºShanxi Guoyang New Energy Co., Ltd
Designed capacity£º8.0 Mtpa
- Alternative process for steam coal and PCI coal.
 - Coarse fine coal is recovered by spiral separator plus TBS Process to increase recovery rate of cleaned coal.
Luxin No.2 Mine Coal Preparation Plant
Client£ºLuan Xinjiang Coal Chemical Industry Co., Ltd
Designed capacity£º 5.0 Mtpa
Wenjiazhuang Coal Preparatio n Plant
Client£º Yangmei Group Pingshuo Co.,Ltd
Designed capacity£º 5.0 Mt/a
Two independent jigging systems to separated 100-0mm raw coal and 100-13mm raw coal respectively.
Anjialing No.1 and No.2 Coal Preparation Plants
Client£º Pingshuo Coal Industry Co., Ltd
Designed capacity£º2 x 10.0 Mtpa
- Complete process with simplified system
 - 0.45kg/t of medium loss.
Hongliulin Coal Preparation Plant
Client£ºShaanxi Coal Group Shenmu Hongliulin Mining Co., Ltd
Designed capacity£º12Mt/a
First application of belt conveyor with long distance (4km), huge fall(240m), minus angle.
Guqiao Mine Coal Preparation Plant
Client£ºHuainan Mining Group Coal Preparation Co., Ltd
Designed capacity£º10Mt/a
Linhuan Coal Preparation Plant
Client£ºHuaibei Mining Group Co., Ltd
Designed capacity£º12.0 Mtpa
Haerwusu OCP Coal Preparation Plant
Client£ºShenhua Haerwusu Coal Company
Designed capacity£º40.0 Mtpa
Anjialing Coal Preparation Plant
Client£ºPingshuo Coal Industry Co., Ltd
Designed capacity£º25.0 Mtpa
Primary and secondary separation of HM bath for lump coal and primary and secondary separation of HM Cyclone for fine coal.
Fangshan Coal Preparation Plant
Client£ºHuozhou Coal and Electricity Group Co., Ltd
Designed capacity£º 3.0 Mtpa
- Highly-integrated main building
 - Less belt conveyor gantry
 - Less investment
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